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Satvar Heritage Food, our mission is to carry forward the legacy of traditional Indian cuisine. We are committed to preserving and delivering the authentic taste of Indian food to future generations. Our goal is to simplify the cooking process and make it accessible to everyone while maintaining the traditional taste that is reminiscent of the food made by our mothers and grandmothers.

Furthermore, we believe in empowering women and providing them with work opportunities to contribute to their economic upliftment. By working with us, women can not only earn a livelihood but also showcase their culinary skills and preserve the heritage of Indian food.

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Curated Products
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माझे सत्वार पुरण पोळी प्रीमिक्स चं अनुभव अतिशय छान होते. हा प्रीमिक्स आणि त्याची बनवणी मला फार आवडली. पोळ्यांचे अनुपम स्वाद आणि पुरणाची मधुर खासती हा खास प्रीमिक्स बनवतात. ह्याचा वापर सोपा आणि खाण्यात आनंद देणारा असा अनुभव मला झाला.
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